This is the pastest developing discipline in dentistry. Simply, it means terating and saving teeth by filling their roots. Don't forget, the best implant is the tooth's own root! In most cases this treatment is absolutely painless!

Teeth need an inner vascular and nerve system. This is the pulp. When a deep cavity develops, bacteria can find a path into the pulp and infect it. Sooner or later the vascular circulation system will die. In this case the last chance for saving the tooth is to carry out good root canal treatment.

Steps of the root canal treatment: After making the diagnosis we make an x-ray image to see the number of the roots and teh irregularities of the tooth. After anaesthesia we isolate the tooth with rubber dam, locate the root canals and determine their length. This is one of the most important parts of the treatment bacause in the case of a short or long root canal filling some discomforrt can occur. For this reason at PreceDent we use electronic apex locators which determine the length of the roots correctly. The next step is cleaning and shaping the root canal system, disinfection and finally complete filling.

With proper treatment the prognosis is very good.

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