"I had a horrible experience a few days ago. I had to go to oral surgery, where one of my teeth was carved out of my jaw!"

Patients visiting PreceDent Dental Center will never tell such. We perform our treatments removal of impacted and fractured teeth, tooth resections and soft tissue operations- quickly and painlessly. Sculption in dental surgery is no more used, using the most modern surgical drills we treat our patents with care.

Oral Surgery

Dental implantation implacing artifical root in the jaw bone- has a more than a decade old history in our country as well. With the help of dental implants we can create fix prosthetic works, which are as valuable as natural teeth, without destroying the neighboring teeth (burring or other preparations). Articifal root implants improve the stability of partial removable dentures. After the successful implantation of modern dental implants we can achieve an almost 100 percent osseointegration, which means that the human body accepts the implants, the jaw bone grows with the special surface of the dental implant together, which results high stability and durability.

Based on the experience of operations performed in large number in our country and all over the world, we can declare that the allergic reaction of the human body after dental implantation is not expected. Dental implants can work perfectly for decades. The studies and literature say that the loss of dental implants can be explained with insufficient oral hygiene or accidents. The afterall conclusion is that dental implantation is a safe method. With the help of dental implants we can reach high-level aesthetic and funcional results in prosthetic dentistry.

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